Baby Steps …!

Well, I’m not very good at this blogging lark am I?!

I was full of the best intentions, planning to blog about my new business venture but didn’t quite realise how hard you have to work to get yourself “out there” in order to promote your business! 

What I’ve learnt is that starting a blog at the same time as starting my business was definitely a no no, and a case of too much too soon!!

Another thing I’ve learnt is that being an Etsy seller is hard work!!! I’ve had to read up a lot about how to promote my shop on Instagram , Pinterest, Facebook  and now I’m even tweeting (get me!!). 

I’ve researched hashtags, how to take proper photo’s and I think I’ve finally started to develop my own unique “brand”. All this by holding down a 4 day a week job, being a mum and of course actually making things to sell!

To date, I’ve sold one blanket on Etsy – I felt a combination of excitement and nausea, nausea because I was worried that my blanket wasn’t good enough. Luckily though, I had a lovely email from my customer that boosted my confidence to no end.


This is the first blanket I’ve sold in my Etsy shop.

I also noticed that a lot of my fellow Etsy sellers were taking WIP (work in progress) photos of their makes, as well as their finished products, and that they were using beautiful backdrops to make their photos more appealing. I’ve experimented due to trying to keep costs low by taking photos on my oak coffee table (as seen above!) but have now purchased a vintage style wooden floor effect backdrop for £5 from eBay which I think works better! What do you think?

Examples of my recent makes!! 

So, it’s been a steep learning curve! I’m determined to make a success of it though!! 

I’m hoping to build up the confidence soon to start sharing some of my patterns on here, but one thing I’ve learnt  … BABY STEPS!!


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