What’s in a name?

“Cwmni cwt yn cae …. what does that mean?” I hear you ask.

Well, firstly it’s Welsh for “Hut in Field Company”. I know, it sounds a bit random but there is method to my madness!!! My surname is Schofield, my understanding is that this name originates from the Vikings and when translated means “Hut in field”. So there you go! The rationale for my company’s name!

I live in North Wales, UK, with my partner Mr C and 4 children. I discovered my love of knitting and crochet following the birth of my youngest son last year (2016), and taught myself by watching YouTube video’s.

I have to say returning to work at the end of my maternity leave was hard as all I wanted to do was be at home with my family and develop my new found hobbies. I also developed a bit (ok a lot!!) of an addiction to yarn much to Mr C’s annoyance!

After much thought and coaxing by family and friends I plucked up the courage to open my own Etsy shop and have recently tried to become more visible on social media.

My dream is to eventually be able to develop my craft and business and hopefully be able to give up the day job altogether! A tall order but nothing ventured nothing gained! It will be an interesting journey and experiment!!


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